• Courtney Kirschaum

The vital function of getting fired

Everyone runs from getting fired.

Yet, the very best people get fired.

Look at it logically instead of emotionally and there's a strong argument for getting fired.   

  • Steve Jobs was fired from Apple.

  • Anna Wintour was fired from Harper's Bazaar for “creative differences" with her Editor.

  • Howard Stern’s humor got him fired from WNBC.

  • Lady Gaga was fired from her first record label. They didn't want to wait another six months for her to finish her debut album.


In each case, the element which got them fired eventually made them hugely successful and famous. 

To a person, each one of these people experienced personal pain when they got fired.

They describe it as the lowest of lows. They cried. 

Then they became iconic. 

Want to know how to get a job that makes others think:

"God, I’d love to be like them… have a job like that!”  

To bag a career as wildly successful as those mentioned above, you have to aim for one thing.

When you do, you’ll repel what you don’t want and you’ll magnetically attract what you do want. The right fit will appear. 

If you want to get hired by the right people, organization or company, you have to do this illogical, counter-intuitive thing.  


It's not for everyone, and it takes guts like crazy, but it works.

When you do this, your career path will straighten up and head north.

Determined and not timid? 

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