• Courtney Kirschaum

The weird power this has over you

Recently, a high-profile activist posted a message announcing a career change. It felt like they were "making it official."

Their words:

"I’ve finally dropped my old identity as a copywriter and fully embraced my new role as an activist and entrepreneur."

This really surprised me because they've already built a powerful presence as an activist and been recognized all over the world for it.

In fact, I didn't even know they'd been a copywriter!! The words..."I've finally..." were a brilliant, honest choice. In this post yesterday, I talk about our tendency to move slowly when we re-define ourselves. We let the specter of, "Who do you think you are?" hold us back. That's a bully question. A, "how dare you change without my permission!" question. The title you embrace matters. Yet, the identity you embrace matters more.

And it's easy to miss this subtle distinction.

What you're called - your title - doesn't define your identity... what you answer to does.

When a colleague's title was changed in the company email system, they perceived it as a de-motion and went into a tailspin.

They were in tears over an administrative tweak to some obscure company email directory.

Why? Because their only confidence and power came from someone else giving them that title.

Between the lines, this activist proclaimed: I will no longer answer when called "copywriter." Are you holding on to an "old" identity? What call will you answer to now? Sometimes, saying it out loud makes it real. I'll make it easy: Today, I’ve finally dropped my old identity as a __________ and fully embraced my new role as ________________." That simple statement can do more to make it real than all the titles in the world.

It feels more real when we claim it. Courtney

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