• Courtney Kirschaum

This is the real reason the statues came down

This came in from a tribe member recently:

“Courtney, why are you making such a big deal of about this Booster Shot?

Why are you pushing LinkedIn? What about my resumé...people are still asking for it…”

As Miss Manners used to say, Gentle Reader…

Resumés are as tedious to read as driving on cobblestones.

Less than a week ago, I drove down cobblestones in Richmond Virginia. If you watch the national news, you’ve seen it.

The much photographed, filmed and talked about Monument Avenue had cobblestones once.

Cars replaced horses. Asphalt replaced cobblestones.  

Why? Well for one thing, they are absolutely misery to drive on and kiss your molars good-bye if you go over 25 miles per hour. 

If you follow the news, you know the monuments that give that avenue its name are gone too. 

General Robert E. Lee is still hanging on by a graffiti-saturated thread…

Despite the wailing of white supremacists, he’ll be coming down soon, too. 

“You’re stealing our history!” They cry, as if books don’t exist. 

But it has nothing to do with books or history or race or freedom or any of that.

It has nothing to do with politics either. 

Now to put in in the parlance of Richmond: Are you riled up?  

Asking yourself, why is Courtney talking about these volatile topics!  

Why is she daring to dance near the third rail of politics and the light the dynamite of statue toppling?!

To make a point, Gentle Reader!

The resumé is to your career what Confederate generals are to Monument Ave.

Going away and not coming back. 

Yes a few still cry, “BUT OUR HISTORY!”  

To which I reply, “BUT YOUR EMOTION!!”

This wildly provocative, much protested matter is more simple than anyone wants to admit.

Here's what's really going on:

Emotions rule us, not logic. Because if logic ruled, consider this….

Stonewall Jackson is arguably more well-known because they took the statue down.

It certainly wasn’t getting any shine other than the sun before they threw the fellow a good-bye party and invited a crane.

Robert E. Lee is more widely known now than he was before all hell broke loose in sleepy Richmond, Virginia. 

People who had no idea about America’s Civil War generals (or the actual war!) now hear about it on the six o’ clock news!

Those old white boys have gotten more press since they got taken off their pedestals than they’ve gotten in years, Beauregard!

Now I don’t have anything against old white guys, or young ones.

I’m going tell you about one right now.

A prominent psychologist (who happens to be a white guy -  with no statues that I know of) wrote a wildly popular book about human behavior back in 1999. 

In it, he reveals one, fundamental emotional human need that drives ALL behavior.

It is haltingly accurate.

When I read it, I was floored!

It was an OH. MY. GOD. HE’S. RIGHT! Moment.

Because so much seemingly irrational behavior that never made sense, seen through the filter of this insight, now made perfect sense.

It was like learning a foreign language in one sentence. 

It was a compass and map to find my way through so many work situations that had driven me crazy!

You've probably seen a lot of seemingly irrational behavior, but when viewed through this filter, you can expect to have a big “A-ha” moment too.

This human behavior is why people are losing their minds over the statues coming down.

It’s not history or freedom of speech, it’s this one thing. Everything else is noise. This is at the heart of it. 

And understanding that gives you a tremendous amount of power. 

When you start using this in your career, to connect with people on your LinkedIn profile, and even your resumé while that hangs on like a cobblestone, you’re going to see the entire world a lot more clearly.

More importantly, the world is going to see you a lot more clearly.

Like those staid old statues, Booster Shot for your LinkedIn Profile is not long for this world. 

It’s gone tomorrow.

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