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Why you got ghosted and a "Do this instead"

An entrepreneur I know doesn’t accept resumes. This is how he hires:

He asks you to shoot a short video – less than 5 minutes -  introducing yourself and answering a few questions about your work. 

You get high-level, "think for yourself" instructions and take it from there. 

This is a little different from automated video interviews, which I whole-heartedly believe to be ridiculous and inhumane.

  • You own your video and privately post it to Vimeo or YouTube or a private page on your website, if you have one. 

  • You retain the rights, so they can't excerpt you saying how great the company is and then use it in their marketing after they don't hire you.

  • You can have as many "takes" as you like.

  • You have the option of directing them to existing videos or work product in lieu of a new video.

It's about finding the right fit, not making you comply.  

This guy wants people who can think for themselves and aren't afraid to implement their ideas.

It saves time because it provides similar information to an interview. 

One reason I work with experienced, independent-minded professionals and exceptional recent grads, is this: you get it and aren’t afraid to take risks.

You aren't afraid to break the designed-to-the-lowest-common-denominator sheeple rules that make careers move in slow motion and job hunts some kind of demeaning torture.  

When you jump to the head of the line and go to the companies that interest you and start a conversation with someone in charge, work life becomes much more sensible, pleasant and lucrative. 

And when you never hear from them again, here’s a sample of what they're not telling you: 

1.) Someone just didn't "like" you. "Do they like you?" is the #1 factor. No one is going to hire someone they don’t like. Yeah, your work matters, but not if they don’t like you. Trust and like are closely linked here. 

2.) You won't drink the Kool-aid - a.k.a. "You're not a fit." Now there you go blaming yourself for not being a fit when this is typical of what they need you to "Fit" into. You being able to cope with whatever bad spirits exist there that they don't have the guts to house clean and get out. 

Here's one example: will you go along with the fact that their most effective director is a straight up bully with HR complaint record as long as a school bus and who by rights should have been fired 10 times.  Or will you report said director to HR, getting yourself fired and putting them in the position of having to start an expensive candidate search again?

3.) You're too accountable and you scare them. They want you to join them in blaming a mutual enemy for their fails and think you might not be on board with it. 

That mutual enemy might not be a person or company it might be time or money.

"Let's blame someone else" types tend to flock together and they don't want your awesome self-actualized self around holding them accountable. (Shiver me timbers!!)

Frequently, the reason companies don’t tell you they didn’t hire you is not because there’s something wrong with you, it’s because there’s something wrong with them, and the entire process.

Also, it's expensive. 

If you’re nodding your head because you agree with all or most of this, great, more to come.

Career Strategy for non-sheeple is coming summer. If you like this, you'll like that. 

If you want a non-traditional job hunting and freedom... stay tuned and learn more about this program. It's for you if you're an experienced professionals who wants more - time freedom, advancement, money, location flexibility.


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