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This made me furious

In an effort to keep things "friendly, when my first "serious" relationship ended, my ex offered to pick me up from the airport after a business trip.

He shows up looking like he'd just been roused from a decade-long coma, with bedhead and eye crunchies. He mumbled a groggy, "Hey."

He grabbed my huge black hardshell Samsonite with rounded "corners." It looked old school, but it had wheels and a pull-out handle.

Still, he was carrying it.

I hate (hate!) packing, so it was heavy, too.

"That has wheels. Why don't you roll it?"

Leaning to one side, straining to keep the suitcase off the ground, he grunts...

"No, I'm fine."

That exchange happened a few more times.

People were gliding by, walking purposely with their wheelie bags and I could feel myself getting annoyed.

Why is he lugging a heavy suitcase through the airport when I've told him there's a smarter, better alternative?

In my head, I was Sam Kinison screaming, "Roll it. Roll it! ROLL IT!ROLL ITTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!"

Then the clouds parted, the hallelujah chorus sang, and I had a revelation: "This is why we didn't work. You make easy things hard."

I had flashbacks to that airport mini-drama as I sat over my trusty Mac updating LinkedIn Boost. And I had another revelation: LinkedIn Boost is like wheels on a suitcase 😮

A little history

In 2018, tumbleweeds blew down LinkedIn's main street. In a year, it transformed to a Gary V-endorsed boomtown. Everyone rushed in or blew the dust off their old profile.

I caught that wave and made over $50k, and all a result of using what was right in front of me.

Full disclosure, I was scared to post anything for most of my professional career. "What if someone I work with sees it?" "What if I do it wrong?"

When I figured it out, it was like realizing your suitcase has wheels. And I have a dirty little secret reason for loving it so much. I'm in recovery, and I like to eat bread. And by "like to eat," I mean, addicted. When I say "recovery," I'm not really joking. I used to be a workaholic. Strike that, I *am* a workaholic, and constantly trying not to be. You know, go for walks and stuff. If you could blackout from workaholism, I'd have done it. To control it, I leave my computer and walk to the local bakery to see if they have any homemade French bread left. It comes in stamped brown paper bags, and it's well, an addiction. Bread is just a delivery system for butter - and I only buy butter if there's bread left - and they always sell out. Thanks to my cholesterol creep up, butter purchases come with some delusional self-talk...." You don't eat butter that often... go ahead." I only get one stick. The point is, I'd rather walk to the bakery - 🥰 44 North is my fav ☕️🥖 - and come back to a booking, or a message from a recruiter, "You interested in this job?" than stare at my screen wondering, "What am I doing wrong!!!!???" Getting LinkedIn dialed in opened the door. To money, to work, to controlling my life more. Here's a tip

Don't bother sweating over your own post. Share someone else's good post, and often you'll get 75% of the buzz. Emphasis on 'good.' You help them and yourself when you do that because LinkedIn bumps you up on the search listings when you're active, and sharing someone's post halos😇 back to them, so they win too. Have you ever wondered, "Why don't I get recruited, I'm so good at what I do?" Here's your answer. Exposure. No one who can hire you knows you exist! LinkedIn, done right, gives you exposure, and the rest happens naturally. I'm proof of that. I show you exactly how to use LinkedIn like a suitcase with wheels so you can shove buttered bread in your mouth with your free hand. You can also try this👇 Easy moves and no BS insights for a LinkedIn profile that works while you sleep. If you don't want to read that article now, you can wait for Linkedin Boost 2023. It's chock full of ideas, tips, and updates that make it a 'must-have' if you're wanting more control and free time to walk the walk of I will not work so much. Videos, checklists, and frameworks give the "Why didn't I do this sooner?" vibe the second you see them. All ready for you to take home like a haul from the mall - bags with tissue paper and boxes of brand-new goodies to unpack in the course area. All yours. Click here to get on the interest list for LinkedIn Boost, so I can give you a heads-up when it's released. It'll be a cart-open, cart-closes-in-a-week deal with two sweet bonuses for fast movers.

Boosters say it all...

Yes, it's that's good! And you're going to love it. Cue fresh bread baking.

BTW, you're part of why I'm so hellbent on LinkedIn. When connections and followers like and comment on my posts, I love it. I've made friends, been invited to podcast interviews, and gotten keynote bookings and clients. I've made a lot of money, but none of that happened until I learned the secrets to doing it profitably. When I stopped tip-toeing around like I might break something is when I scored. That's what I show you in LinkedIn Boost. Over 50% of new clients discover me on LinkedIn. Even if you're one of the quiet ones, knowing my posts are seen matters. Thanks!

PS - Get on the list to be first to know when doors open, and you can get Boost with two bonuses if you grab it early.


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