This made them #1 for over 40 years - You can win with it too

A long, long time ago. I was... a smoker.  Yessiree. A pack a day habit. Started in my teenage years and dropped it in my 20s. Interestingly, I stopped and started for the exact same reason... more on that in a minute. 

Cigarette branding is startlingly effective. I can still tell you the brand of cigarette everyone I know smoked.

Today, I don't know anyone who smokes.   What got me thinking about this is something I learned over weekend.  Remember Marlboro cigarettes?

The red and white box is one of the most recognizable brands in the world.  "Come to Marlboro Country."  That slogan accompanied by an uber-masculine cowboy who'd just busted an ornery bronc or fixed a barbed wire fence in the rain with his bare hands! Shiver me timbers! I need a smoke! 

The big reveal:

The Marlboro brand was originally targeted to women.  Marlboro cigarettes were introduced as an upscale ladies cigarette. In the1950s, when data suggesting smoking was bad for you began to come out, the manufacturer decided to retarget to men. They focused on those who wanted to shore-up their masculinity.  The ads emphasized hardworking men, living rough, rugged and free. Breathing deeply of mountain air and living out an adventure. How'd that go for them?

  • When they started the campaign, Marlboro cigarettes had less than 1% of the market share. 

  • Within one year, it was one of the top 5 brands. 

  • Within four years it became the number one cigarette in the world and still is today.  

All from one campaign which stopped running around 2002. The takeaway... People don't want to be sold a product. They want what to be sold what the Marlboro campaign offered them, what Coke, Go-Pro, Red Bull and Subaru offer.

It's different but it's all the same. You can use the same method and campaign to your audience just as successfully.  Learn what it is and how to do it here. Just like Marlboro, you can change your marketing and change your career. Courtney P.S. Marlboro V1.


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