This one thing determines if you'll struggle for money

Video is not my usual medium.

This one's spot-on because it says simply what a lot of people are afraid to say.

It depicts what many have experienced when the boss accidentally leaves a list of everyone's salary on the printer.

There's always that one person who finds out they're getting completely gutted in the salary department.

That's how one person I know got her raise.

It's not a very reliable method. 

There's one thing the ranks of the underpaid almost always carry with them. 

Since it's very rarely named, it stays long, acting as a perfectly effective money repellent. 

This is the Deep Woods OFF! and a citronella candle combination that keeps money at a distance without even trying. 

Why is this so powerful?

Because it's the core issue standing in the way of you getting the minimum amount you deserve. Just the bare minimum.

It's the main thing, as the say.

The source. 

When you erase it, delete it, get rid of it, the money door opens, the slot machine hits and the money starts flowing.

It's all in your control. 

With this out of the way, people will think nothing of paying your highest ask. They'll work for you, not fight with you.

You won't squirm at the thought of negotiating for more vacation, flex-time or more money. 

When you learn what it is, you'll probably say,

 "Of course! I knew that! Why haven't I been doing it?"

Immediately you can begin to focus on getting rid of it. 

Nobody likes it anyway.

You learn all about this in The Game.

I can't show you how to be less forgetful and not leave confidential info on the glass screen of the copier.

But, if you're patient, ambitious and play like you mean it, I can help you walk away with the power to enjoy more money. 

Did I mention it’s also on sale at 30% off until tonight (Sunday, 7/19).

Here’s the link to get it at the discount while you still can. 

Get it here:



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