• Courtney Kirschaum

Two famous female icons share this secret

In the 80s, the talk show crazy-train was speeding down the tracks.

Oprah tried one of those pseudo-scandalous "reveal a big secret" episodes and decided she wasn't going to spend her career putting that out into the world.

She stopped trend-chasing and asked, "What am I here to do?"

From that moment on, she posed one question to anyone who came to her with an idea.

What’s your intention?


Oprah begins one of her books, "What I Know For Sure" with a story about her experience on stage dancing with Tina Turner.

In 2018, when Turner took the stage for honorary bows on opening night of Tina Turner The Musical, Oprah was there to support her.


In 1979, Turner asked Roger Davies to be her manager.

At the time, most considered Turner a has-been.

Doing two shows a night at the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco, performing to a sleepy dinner crowd, followed by a cabaret act for the boozy business travelers, she was barely making the rent.

Davies asked, “What’s your biggest vision?”

Turner, said she wanted to be the first female rock and roll star to fill stadiums.

You know how the story ends. Tina Turner went on to own the 80s as a solo artist.

Whatever you call it: intention, vision, wildest dream… what’s yours?

It's easy to get hyper-focused on getting the next job or promotion or pay raise.

Take a second, pause, and think about what drives it all. What makes me tick? What am I here to do?

Put your focus there and see what happens.

Where you go is where you look.

Will you still have to work hard?

Of course, but you're already doing that, right?

Working toward the big vision instead of the next one is what builds your legacy.

Want help re-inventing yourself or polishing the current version? Book a strategy session, re-imagine your LinkedIn Profile, or work with me to set a breakthrough goal.


P.S. Tina turner was 40 in 1979. Her record company tried to fire her in the middle of the making of Private Dancer. They agreed to let her finish her album, which was a massive success, selling 20 million copies and cementing her worldwide fame.


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