• Courtney Kirschaum

Warning: This Could Impact Your Next Haircut

Date of my last haircut: today

Date of my last haircut before today: February 2020.

The same story enters my mind during every haircut I've had for almost two decades.

I thought of it in the Aveda Salon that smelled of money and a peppermint-infused kinder planet and again in the old-fashioned "grannie shop" that smelled like a chemical plant.

In the salon with the stylist who gave bangs to every single client whether they asked for them or not and in the side street salon where the stylist told me tales of growing up in a cult, I thought of it and wondered, "Could it be true? Even just a little?"

It's a story in veterinarian turned author James Herriott's series about his experiences as a farm vet in the Yorkshire Dales.

One day, Dr. Herriot is called to tend to the village barber's dog, some terrier that was popular at the time, which was between 1930 and 1950.

During the course of the exam, the dog stops breathing unexpectedly.

This perfectly healthy dog who'd been fine in the presence of its owner is now not breathing and the vet is freaking out or whatever the 1930s version of that is.

This is pre-CPR. In order to get the dog breathing, he spins him around as fast as he can, as you might a small child for fun.

Lucky for Dr. Herriot, it wasn't a Great Dane.

It worked.

The dog started breathing and by the time the owner reappeared, normalcy was restored.

I guess barber had the kind of personality that didn't take bad news well, so Dr. Herriot, opted not to mention the "breathless" episode.

Then the barber touches the dog's short wiry hair, he pauses and looks at the vet. After a moment, he asks, "Have you been spinning him around in the air?"

The vet, astonished, says, "How did you know?!"

The man looks at him with a completely straight face and says, "It comes through the hairs."

You’re left imagining the barber is reading the minds of everyone who sits in his chair by merely touching their hair.

In a way, that's scary, yet it sure would make it easier to communicate complicated ideas, random but meaningful thoughts, and the patchwork tapestry your best work is usually wrapped in.


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