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What is SOWSO? And why is it 100x more likely to boost your career marketing

Here's an irresistible trick of human nature in action.

A stranger tagged me on LinkedIn. A flood of likes and tags followed. Curious, I clicked it. Turns out she's a highfalutin coach with her own podcast, who wrote an article about me in a coaching magazine. Here's an excerpt ...

"I chose to review the brilliant career podcast Your Bravo Career by Mark Crossfield and his specific episode with Courtney Kirschbaum, Career Strategist, where they discuss how to identify and transition to your new career of choice successfully when you're at the mid-point in your working life." This is SOWSA.

Excellent career podcast
SOWSO in action!

Show Off Without Showing Off.

Because selling yourself is cringy - cue the wincing expression.

Selling yourself sets off what one guy I know calls it a "Bullshit Alarm." Someone else "selling" you is sublime because it's safe. They've already taken the risk of vetting you. People feel safe and say..."This is what I've been looking for!!" Do this right, and you'll have the shortest job hunt in history.

The hard part is getting it right. Almost no one gets it right, but you will. Start here:

The goal of LinkedIn is to get someone to your profile, not give you a job.

Let that sink in.

Ask someone to jump the Grand Canyon, and they're like, "Another nutter! Run!"

Instead, ask them to walk down a path that eventually leads them to the same place... no problem.

(Besides, everyone knows only Evil Knievel can jump the Grand Canyon.) Your profile is the start, and you can put SOWSO there and boom! You're getting messages and calls. I did that podcast a year ago, and this is the second or third time someone's mentioned it and me on LinkedIn. Every time people see it, strangers throw C-notes at me and scream, "More! We want more!" Actually, they don't. They do this... They get on the path that leads them to me. Over 50% of my business comes from word of mouth. The rest is SOWSO. That's the magic progression.

You don't have to do a podcast or write a viral article. It's easier than that.

This article didn't say - "Buy from Courtney! She's the best! Throw your money at her! GO. NOW!" It gave me SOWSO with a zero cringe factor. Readers clicked on my profile, went to my website, and signed up for my emails there.

That's the struggle on LinkedIn: Being yourself—no Cringe.

LinkedIn Boost shows you how to operate in the world's main career forum that no one taught you how to use.

Boost is seductively easy to use, informative, and personal. Yes, personal! Jump into the comments and ask me anything. I demonstrate how easy it is to SOWSO over and over in LinkedIn Boost. (I considered calling it Be Your Own Bestie, but BYOB is taken.) You've seen someone post something and remembered it, but not the person who posted it. That's not SOWSO. How to be memorable is one of the tricks you learn in Boost. If you want to:

  • Write posts easily

  • Stay front of mind even if you don't have time to post. This is an easy trick.

  • Know how to use LinkedIn and your résumé to reinforce, not repeat each other.

You want to:

💕 Sidestep the most cringe-worthy mistake. Recruiters will LOVE - and more importantly, respect - you for getting this right.

👉 Take a load off by NOT using this time-consuming, inexplicably popular Profile feature everyone focuses on, but usually only lowers your value.

✅ Use your Features section the right way. Giant SOWSO opportunities here.

👍🏼 The secret way to get the benefits of the "Open to Work" border without using the actual border.

🔎 How to customize this powerful yet tiny little thing that gets you found off LinkedIn by recruiters and

🧲 How to share something in a very particular way that makes the goodness of the article bounce back on you ...

LinkedIn is easy to harness when you know how. Shorten your job hunt, say goodbye to the no-money panic, and you can help other people find jobs when you know the secrets!

There's one thing, though...

Before you think, "Hey, I can repost an article I like in Fast Company or a picture of my team enjoying Chicken Vindaloo at a conference and get a job!" Not quite. There's an art to it. To make it compelling, interesting, and valuable.

You can't *just* update your profile. You can't *just* publish a job seeker post. If you're wondering how to make people crave what you're offering, like free pizza🍕

Have a slice of LinkedIn Boost. You can eat it piping hot out of the box - one slice at a time and have leftover pizza for breakfast and lunch. Or wolf it down in one sitting! That's 100% up to you. LinkedIn Boost is easier than the Dominos Pizza App. (I confess I've used it for "research.") Coupla things...

1 - I've shared LinkedIn Boost only with my private clients for the last few years but it opens in a few short weeks! I don't know when I'll offer it again. Get on the first to know list here.

2 - When it comes around again, the price will be higher.

Get in there! You'll have access to everything in there as soon as you purchase.

Get started with LinkedIn Boost now. Pizza's here! Courtney PS - Get Linkedin Boost before the good goes away... PPS - Best pizza ever? "Modern Apizza" in New Haven. I have no idea what they're putting on it, but OMG!


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