What your career, French fries and a shopping mall have in common

Fast food. What’s the first thing you think of?  For most, McDonald's is the quintessential fast food. It was the first. It's everywhere.  Micky D has held the number one spot in revenue and locations for years.  Did you know Chik-Fil-A is on track to knock McDonald’s off it’s perch? CFA is flying up the fast food pecking order  They're third, behind Starbucks. CFA is no spring chicken.

I remember eating their sandwiches in a shopping mall before food courts were even a thing.

And good luck finding a shopping mall now, cause they're closing fast. Things change. Right?  Who could have foreseen that downturn? Jeff Bezos; but that's another email.  Okay here's the deal:  Mark my words, my little chicadee.  What CFA is doing to make it the fastest growing food chain is what YOU want to be doing.   And the sooner the better.  You can get a pretty decent chicken sandwich at Micky Ds and the fries are one of a kind. Chik-Fil-A stands for something. 

You know you're somewhere different before you taste a waffle fry or open the clamshell to get your chicken sandwich.

Their values make you feel like you're part of something even if you don't share their values. It's that they have them and they're visible.  That's why they have two lane drive-throughs with lines out to the street. It's not just the chicken sandwich. After all, you can't get McDonald's fries anywhere else either. 

At McDonald's, the values plate is empty and your soul leaves hungry. 

Like malls going out of business, this change is coming.  You can get in front of this or you can play catch-up. But if you play catch-up, you'll be eating cold fries.  Before you retire, you're going to revamp your professional image to make it clear what you stand for and that's going to get people lining up to buy what you sell.  Those who have thought this through and communicate it well are going to fly past those who don't.  Who are you and what you stand for is not so easy to get into words.

If you're ready, you can put Booster Shot methods to work for your.

People will wait in line for you and they might not be able to tell you exactly why.

There's just ...something you have that the other guy doesn't.

Can you get from the drive through window to your front door without eating one French fry?

That's the power of Booster Shot.


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