When do you retire these?

"Traditions are a form of magic because traditions are a way of talking to the past, of speaking to our ancestors in a language they created.”

That’s from the opening narration of a new show on Netflix, “We are the Champions” .

The narrator continues…

“When you participate in tradition, you’re casting a spell that lets you talk directly to a bygone era…”

Keeping traditions going can be as magical as this narration suggests.

It can also be exhausting.

It's possible to stop investing in what feels like hallowed tradition and break away from inertia that pulls you along, keeps the train on a certain track.

What would it take? Energy? Courage? Interest?

Tradition can be a trap.

Sometime traditions don't need to be loyally adhered to but lovingly retired.

You can cast a new spell which speaks the truth in the here and now.

The behaviors of job hunting are traditional.

Imagine giving them something better.


P.S. What's a tradition that works for you? What's one that's ready to retire?

Share it in the comments,.

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