• Courtney Kirschaum

When you start doing this, opportunity, jobs and money fly in

In a one-minute scene from this famous movie, a local woman tries to sell her talking Donkey. It’s a brilliant example of how to get people to buy what you're selling.

And believe me, getting hired, making more money or getting promoted...

...is about getting people to "buy" what you're "selling." Scout's Honor.  

Opening scene: English countryside.

The farm woman trying to sell her donkey repeatedly tells the potential buyer, 

“He can talk!”

But the donkey won’t talk no matter what she does.

It’s the beginning of the movie. You don’t know if the donkey can really talk.

This looks like a regular donkey and this farm lady is fast appearing to be hustler who’s trying to pawn a fake “talking” donkey to get a few more dollars. The harder she tries, the less you trust her. 

Then something happens (you can see below in less than one minute...)

Spoiler alert: the donkey starts talking and that changes everything.

Thus begins the movie Shrek.

The point?

Telling people what you can do is virtually useless. 

When it doesn't work, (cause it's a really weak method) you do the farm lady dance: you try harder. This has the inevitable effect of making you appear less trustworthy, not more.

Hardly fair since the donkey can talk.

The fail? She didn't prepare very well for that transaction, but you can.

Showing what you can do … that's magic. 

More to come on what donkey's have to teach you about getting people to buy into what you offer.

Doubt that it's possible to pull off  back to back donkey stories? Tune in tomorrow and I'll show you.


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