Which one of these should you lead with?

Posted on social media last week:

“In some countries, as many emails as I’ve gotten from [politician] would constitute a proposal of marriage.” 

Comment on same post:

“In some countries the quantity of emails I’ve gotten from [another politician] would mean we’re ALREADY married!”

These subject headings keep arriving into inboxes like snow piling up in a blizzard.



“Response Requested!”

“He could lose!!!”

“It’s not or never, << Test Enter Name >>!!"

In the last days leading up to the election, they’re going to double and triple as candidates fearlessly push you to give help them money to fund their campaign.

You’re on the hiring committee.

They’re lobbying for the job.

There’s no question the candidates vying for these jobs want them passionately. 

Whoever loses, does so in front of the world.

Whoever wins, gets the prize.

Their mistakes are already being dissected and judged. 

In the next election, they’ll dig them up and dissect them again. Post mortem. 

If you're tentative in your approach to your job hunt, is it because you fear losing a vote or you just don't want it enough? 


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