Which one of these should you lead with?

Posted on social media last week:

“In some countries, as many emails as I’ve gotten from [a candidate] would constitute a proposal of marriage.” 

Someone commented on same post:

“In some countries the quantity of emails I’ve gotten would mean we’re ALREADY married!”

Maybe you've seen these subject lines arriving into inboxes like snow piling up in a blizzard.



“Response Requested!”

“We could lose!!!”

"I'm asking one last time..."

In the last days leading up to the election, these requests increase as candidates fearlessly push you to give them money to fund their win.

I hear people ask, "Why do they do this! I hate it!"

It's simple. These methods work.

Here's a key element: they don't mind if some people take offense. They aren't talking to those people.


Because those that support them and believe in them will appreciate the opportunity to help the person they want to see win.

And if they don't take out their credit card, they'll at least understand why they're getting the email.

That's how it's done.

The electorate is the the hiring committee. That's you.

The candidate is lobbying for the job.

There’s no question the candidates vying for these jobs want them very much.

Whoever wins, gets the prize. And it's usually a tough fight.

Candidate "mistakes" are dissected and judged. 

In future elections, their mistakes are reviewed all over again.

Still, candidates persist. Why? Because they know they can win as long as they focus on their supporters not their detractors.

Have you ever been tentative in your job hunt because

  • You fear offending someone or looking foolish?

  • You aren't completely confident you're doing it the "right way?"

  • You're settling for a "I know I can get this" job because you're not sure how to go about getting the job you really want?

If you'd like the right answers to these questions, here's some good news.

Job Hunt School will is back spring.

We're here to help you get the job and career you want without all the hassle you don't.

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