• Courtney Kirschaum

Why do we wait for "big events" to push us into the spotlight?

On Good Friday, 1964 an earthquake lasting four and half minutes shivered across Alaska. 

A whopping 9.2 on the Richter scale, it was the second most powerful in recorded history.

When it struck, a woman named Genie Chance was in her car taking her son to pick up a book.

At first, Chance thought she’d blown a tire.

When it ended 4 minutes and 38 seconds later, she knew she hadn’t

Chance was a reporter for KENI, Alaska’s radio and TV station. 

It was extremely uncommon for a woman to have that job in 1964. 

(If you’ve ever been there you know Alaska plays by its own rules.)

She rushed home to make sure her husband and children were okay, and then went straight to KENI to get to work. 

Take yourself back to the pre-smart phone world. The earthquake knocked out electricity and destroyed infrastructure for hundreds of miles.

Alaska had only become a state 5 years earlier.

New, unknown to most and far away, Alaska may as well have been another planet.

The day of the quake the default means to get messages out was to get word to Genie Chance at KENI.

She did this in a way people understood and could relate to.

For days, the only way for news and information to get out was Genie at KENI.

To the world, Genie Chance was Alaska. 

She told you when a bridge was down and updated you when it became passable. She gave you instructions on how to safely purify snow for drinking water.

She told you if your kids were okay or if your plumbing skills were needed at the hospital or the oilfield. 

The catastrophe made Genie Chance famous

Chance was recognized by the Alaska house of representatives and by people all over the world who got to know her from her broadcasts.

Years later, she ran and won a seat in the Alaska legislature.  

After the Good Friday earthquake in Alaska 1964. This photo is a great example of one of the 6 most evocative kinds.

Exposure is everything. It's the spark and then it's the oxygen that keeps the fire burning.

The closest most of us come to having a Genie Chance like experience is leaving it to chance. Hoping some event will raise our profile. 

Not getting exposure is why smart, talented, hard-working folks stay under-appreciated and underpaid.

It's why you get calls for jobs you have no interest in and crickets after you apply for job you want.

This quote popped up on my screen in the last year:  “Your boss is never going to pay you enough to live in their neighborhood.”

As I heard the story, after the amazing job she did and the recognition she received, Genie Chance asked for a raise at KENI. Management at the station said “No” citing that she was already the highest paid... woman.

She quit the same day.

Walk-away power is best power.

When you know how to manage your own exposure you enjoy that freedom and power. 

Today, everyone has their own radio station thanks to LinkedIn and over 95% of recruiters are tuning in every day. Yet only about 5% of professionals know how or what to broadcast.

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