• Courtney Kirschaum

Why I don't do resumés

The famous French design house Hermés sells a handmade riding crop for $510. State Line Tack sells a riding crop for $4.   Hermes make theirs from Hackberry wood, which they hand harvest in the South of France walking through the woods choosing the trees by their health and width. Craftsman hand cut, split, braid and sand the whip from a single piece of wood. Every single one is thoughtfully and meticulously made in their atelier. “We do it with love, with passion. That’s what counts,” says one worker. That is what counts, yet the Hermés crop doesn’t make you a better rider.  Your horse doesn’t know the whip you just smacked on their hind-quarters cost $510.  It doesn’t make the horse a better jumper or faster runner.

There’s a biggish business in writing resumés. 

The reason I don’t cash in on it is because it’s often a dis-service instead of a service.  Not knowing how to write about what you do is like buying a $510 riding crop thinking it will make you a better rider.  The passion and the love have to be yours. Part of the value of writing a resumé is the experience of choosing what to include and what to leave out. It literally defines you. For many, maybe you, that’s an exercise not to skip. It’s like asking someone else to run your marathon or go into the wilderness and do your vision quest.

I’ve lost count of the times someone’s told me they paid someone to write their resumé, “but it didn’t do any good.” 

If it didn’t do any good, it might be because you hired out the single challenge it would benefit you most to face.  It makes you get real about ...

  1. What’s important to you.

  2. What you deliver well, and 

  3. Where you’re going and why.

I have a sweet recipe for writing resumes that gives you a vision quest experience without the attendant tortured feeling we most associate with this job. 

More on that in a minute. 

Here's a resumé helper I love and recommend:  NovoResume Clean, clear and hard to over stuff with too much info.

Note: I do not recommend using the template which includes your photo. 

What’s got me thinking about this? The Amazing and Talent-Magnifying Job Hunt School is opening for enrollment later this summer.  What is it? 

  • Modern-day vision quest meets professional "finishing" school.

  • Where pros come to hone their skills and harness their experience and

  • Where you can train to make the run for your next job a sure thing

It’s where amateurs report to become pros leaving the career madding crowd far behind. 

It’s not for everyone, but it’s amazing if it’s for you. 

Get on the interest list here. www.jobhuntschool.com


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