• Courtney Kirschaum

Would this make you angry?

Here's how it went down

A man was looking to sell his horse. 

He found a prospective buyer.

 “He’s a good horse, but he don’t look too good” said the seller. 

The buyer looked at the horse and thought it looked pretty good to him, so he bought it. 

He hitched it up to a plow and the horse was all over the field, and the buyer realized the horse was just about blind. 

He angrily demanded his money back from the seller. 

The seller replied, 

“I kept telling you he don’t look too good.”

“Every act of communication is a miracle of translation.” -- Ken Liu

So many people amble through their careers like this horse.

And it's all a simple miscommunication.

They communicate with themselves the way this seller and buyer communicate with each other.  

"I thought this was what I wanted... but...as it turns out, not so much."

If you want to close the comms gap and take shot-calling control of your career, here's your chance to decode what you want and start getting what you want.

I have two slots opening up in early May 2020 where I'll work with you one-one. 

I rarely do one-on-one client work and have no idea when this will be available again.

These will go fast and so will the people who get them. 

If you're interested  email here to get more information.

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