Do you need this one-word career "prayer?"

Yesterday, waiting for my coffee to cool a bit, my radio was keeping me company. Mostly talk about the election. 

The chatter skipped a beat as they cut to a reporter quoting an election official overseeing mail ballot counting. 

The official said:

“You move too fast in this process, you look careless.

You move too slow, you look like you’re cooking the books.”

"There's an election official who's been around awhile," I thought.

In the same hour, a friend sent me an article written by a young author who considered herself a failed career guru.

In her 30's, this now non-guru had an idea for a book.

She knew an editor who got her book published.

In her article, this young author confesses to being a benevolent fraud.


While marketing her new how-to book, she's forced to confront the fact that she's unable to actually master the topic she claims to be teaching others. 

She goes on to say, not only did she turn out to be a fraud, she asserts ALL "gurus" are frauds, using Deepak Chopra for target practice. 

She says they don't know anything either, but are just better actors and marketers. 

Her confessional details how her book brought attention she wasn't prepared for.

People asked questions she couldn't answer

She was hired for public speaking gigs she couldn't deliver on.  

Young, ambitious and eager for the success, she pitched an idea, wrote a book and couldn't completely deliver on its promise.  

She fumbled.

So what?

We all fumble. 

It's what we all fear.

And unlike so many, she didn't let her fear stop her from writing a book and promoting it. No small feat.

Getting your chance and not having it lead to "overnight success" stops a lot of people their tracks.

It's a cruel, misleading paradigm. 

What she seems not to realize is:  first books are practice for second books.

Her article mentions the epic bestseller, "Eat, Pray, Love."

It's still the model for so many writers, but it was not Liz Gilbert's, first or even second book.

And she waited a lot of tables. 

Your "early efforts" last a lot longer than you think... more on that in just a sec.

The demand on us to do great things when we're "young" is as overwhelming as it is ridiculous. 

While I've been writing this, Joe Biden was named President-elect.

It was his third run for President.

He first ran in 1988 and again 2008. 

He probably would have liked to win the first time, too.

Questions worth considering.

And these aren't rhetorical:

Who set the "have it done by" expectation you're laboring under?

Feel free to reset it. 

What’s your real “due date?”  

You can change it or remove it. 

Is the hourglass glued to the table?

Flip it and keep flipping it or just put on the shelf.

It’s okay to




The word of the week? Patience. 


What's next?

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