The Crayola Crayon Box Scale

Crayons have a certain smell.


Scent triggers memory and memories trigger emotion. It's like a time machine.

Let's travel.

Eight colored crayons were in the original Crayola box which was released in 1903.

Cost? One nickel.

You can buy that same box today (with slightly updated branding) for more than a nickel. Yet most people don’t buy that box.

Here's why:

In 1903 (or "Year 8-Crayon") people were leaving farms to work in city factories.

In 1958, Crayola started selling their Big Box of 64 Crayons. ("Year 64-Crayon".)

New crayons to capture the colors of all the new creations built in factories.

Today, waitstaff give children a mini-pack to color the paper placemat.

Why aren't people buying the 8-Crayon box so much today?

Because Crayola gives them more, literally hundreds of arts and crafts options.

Talk about thinking outside the box!

Magic markers, colored pencils, confetti crayons, a multi-cultural crayon box with skin tone shades. Easels, clay, paint, yarn. Yes. YARN!

In front of you at the stoplight, you see “Go Dukes!” or “Happy Birthday Katie!” scribbled on the back window of a random SUV. Crayola Window Markers.

On your walk through a neighborhood colored chalk art on the sidewalk.

We have so many more options for getting in front of people. So many more colors to choose from.


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