Your personal Bermuda Triangle

When the pain of failure outweighs the pleasure of success, the result is mediocrity.

Imagine wildly exceeding expectations on your current project? What would that look and feel like?

A promotion?


Unbridled joy?

If you can't get excited about it, your motivation is what you don't want to happen, not what you do.

When we do that, we're running from what we want to avoid, not to what will bring joy.

Avoidance is a poor compass.

Professionally, the Bermuda Triangle is avoidance.

Your vision is the True North.

It's yours to name. You alone get to decide if you're going to avoid the triangle or work for a vision of your own choosing.


P.S. When he found out they'd be flying over the Bermuda Triangle, my aunt's husband cancelled their honeymoon, and that's not all he did. For the rest of the story on my aunt and her superstitious anti-Bermuda triangle spouse get tomorrow's post delivered to your inbox.

The best thing you can do for your career is help someone else with theirs.

In that spirit...

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