50-word bio

Courtney is an award-winning TEDx speaker and founder of CourtneyKirschbaum.com and Job Hunt School. She's spoken and trained professionals all over the world. She guides experienced professionals and career-changers through the exact steps to build a successful career that delivers personal freedom and professional satisfaction.

100-word bio

Courtney Kirschbaum is the founder of Job Hunt School the top online program to manage your career like a pro and enjoy high levels of professional success without sacrificing personal freedom.  


Without a playbook, Courtney Kirschbaum designed a career spanning the globe  She masterminded projects for the world's largest consulting firms – KPMG, BearingPoint and Deloitte among them and now she shows you how to do it. 


 In 2012, she founded her own company Courtney where she shares her real-world experience helping you to be a savvy agent and astute steward of your career


Courtney shares proven, you-first strategies to unlock ways to profit more easily from the time and energy you invest in your career while enjoying personal freedom and professional satisfaction. Direct and straight-forward about the reality of managing your career few take a head-on approach to helping you have a happier, more profitable career.