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  • Have a question? Ask anything in the comments of your private learning area.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you answer "That's me!" to these three questions, Profile Payday is for you.

  1. Are you a professional who's already on LinkedIn?
  2. Is your profile spell-checked and seems right, yet nothing is happening, and no one's eyes light up?
  3. Do you want a profile that makes people pause and think, "Wow, This is excellent!  I'm copying this!" 

If this is you, don't waste another minute. Get Profile Payday!

Profile Payday is instantly downloaded and you can start as fast as you can hit the download button!

Instant digital download. You get all access the minute you complete your purchase. Even better, you get instant access to a student-only area and  comment section. We're here to answer your questions.

Yep. Profile Payday is a printable PDF FlipBook. Is flipping through pages and taking notes how you roll? You can.

FYI: there are about 107 pages (give or take) and they're a combination of graphics and text.

You can use a reader and view it on your computer, tablet, or phone. 

That depends on you. You can spend a few minutes or an hour. In final, it's self-paced. Some people don't start for a few weeks, and others buy on Friday and start making changes and asking questions that same day. Either works for us. You'll return to Profile Payday again and again. 

Never! Profile Payday is designed for the LinkedIn format, yet the guidance here is universal and timeless. You'll use it everywhere. And you get all the updates. 

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