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Client Success Stories

Our clients enjoy 100% confidentiality, which is why our success stories are anonymous. 

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"I'm just so flipping happy!

I just had to share that with you! Stoked on the opportunity and making the money I KNEW I was worth.
Thank you again so much for your help."

-- Chris

Sales Expert


Chris was frustrated in his job hunt. He knew he had amazing sales skills and incredible proof of success throughout his career, yet he was hearing crickets. A sales genius with a diverse background he was an expert at technology sales but he'd also produced comedy shows and founded a branding company and been the top salesman for a brewery. 

What was missing? 

Nothing, the main reason Chris wasn't gaining traction is he had an unfocused profile with too much disparate information, which was confusing recruiters and hiring managers. This introduced the next problem. A forgettable headline with few useful keywords. If decision-makers found the profile, which was unlikely, they'd probably think, "jack of all trades" instead of "sales expert," which is accurate and what we wanted. 


In less than two weeks after this profile revision, a recruiter messaged Chris for what Chris described as the  "perfect" job. The recruiter submitted Chris' resumé but they passed, saying "we dont' feel he's a fit." Chris took advantage of his coaching support and emailed us saying, "This job is perfect for me! And I know someone who works here! Should I leverage my contract?
We helped him navigate around the bureaucracy and send a pitch-perfect message to his contact. It worked! Talks, then interviews, then, an offer, which he accepted!

"My boss is Toxic!"

"I fiddled with my LinkedIn profile for a month and finally I said, 'Why the hell am I doing this?' I gave it all to Courtney. Instant relief.

C-Level IT Executive


"Wow! This really works!"

-- Dena

Dena, Higher Education 


Experienced higher education leader working beneath her capacity and ready to move up and on.

The story:

Within two weeks of revising Dena's LinkedIn, she was contacted by a recruiter and invited to apply to a six-figure high status job. Because she was recruited, she had a contact on the inside. We professionally copyedited her cover letter and the 500-word statement the employer required. Then we helped Dena organize a perfect submission. Package.

Key Changes:

Dena's experience and impact were hidden behind language that concealed her real value instead we pulled her strengths into focus.


A new headline represented her unique ability and at the same time was catnip to her audience. She began to be discovered through recruiter searches.

That resulted in her being recruited.

You have more power when you're recruited being recruited meant A contact on the inside can answer questions giving you the edge.

In the meantime, Dena had another job interview where the decision-maker told her. "We know we want you. We need to decide which of these positions to give you."

Courtney's clients have become LinkedIn Top Voices.

C-level Technologist Big Four and Global Experience


Award-winning technologist with a string of increasingly impressive jobs looking to pivot to remote. Without the time or inclination to market himself, Tyler reached out to us. 


After revising his resumé and LinkedIn profile, the number of recruiters contacting Tyler skyrocketed. In addition to multiple offers, Tyler went from in-office to 100% remote work.

Key changes:

Accentuating Tyler's previous wins to increase his credibility, including his awards and credentials. 

Retooling his LinkedIn profile got him discovered by recruiters who responded to a more readable and interesting profile which now they could share with employers and say, "Look what I found!" 

Positioning him as a remote candidate. This felt impossible to Tyler. Even during a global pandemic. Today Tyler is 100% remote today and loves it. 

We saved him countless hours grinding away at something that is not in his field of expertise.  After delegating it to us, Tyler was inundated with recruiters, head hunters and hiring managers who are still trying to poach him regularly.  


"My career has turned into something I never thought possible. Thank you."

-- Tyler


Educator, Published Author, Executive Director


Cynthia has it all, publications, expert interviews in the media, huge funding wins, and the creation of powerful partnerships all to her credit. The problem? Most of her amazing work and accomplishment was hidden. 

What was missing? 

In a word, packaging. While Cynthia's work was extensive with abundant social proof, it was all over the place and most of it not being used to her advantage. We re-packaged what was already there in a way that made it easy for people to relate to it.  Her career accomplishments were impressive and now showcased in a way decision-makers could see, and get excited about. Employers she wanted to work with started contacting her for jobs that would take her where she wanted to be.  More importantly, these new recruiters and hiring managers respected her for her now visible accomplishments and promoted her as a higher-level candidate.

Key Changes:

Added professional copywriting on her resume and LinkedIn profile to animate her work and showed her personality which gave new meaning and energy to materials that had felt listless and flat. 

After interviewing Cynthia,  together we identified what she really wanted to do. Getting to the heart of the matter naturally positioned her as the perfect candidate for the kinds of jobs she'd always wanted.

We re-organized media,  publications, and awards promoting her and strengthening her bid for higher-level jobs and then her accomplishments did the selling beautifully. 

I thought I'd be here forever.

Enjoy career success

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