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Courtney gives TEDx talk
Conference Session Speaker
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Freedom Through Strategy: How to Own Your Career, Prevent Burnout, Avoid Career Mistakes

Inspired by the Scribd Book by Courtney Kirschbaum

This talk will be the one your conference attendees can't stop talking about. Coming new in 2023 from the pages of her latest book. Choose the keynote or the workshop or pair them.

Fair warning: the fire marshal might be counting heads in the room, making sure the people standing in the back don't put you over capacity limits. 

After being on the edge of their seats, they'll walk away feeling smarter, knowing what to do, and feeling energized to do it. Inspired by the stories and teachings of her new book, this talk mesmerizes audiences. Bookings for this talk are going fast. Book early!

The Secret to Mastering Success

Attendees walk away knowing how to use a proven collaboration tool to shorten the path to success. The best part is, You'll shorten their path. Everyone wins! In this fun session, the audience learns this rewarding, energizing practice from a master who's taught thousands to do it and used it to get a TEDx talk, publish a book and start a company.

Active, high-energy, and upbeat.
How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Pay!
Everyone is on LinkedIn, and it's free. So why not do it right and make money and get jobs? Based on the best-selling product (a $127 value attendees get in the session.) Loaded with templates, checklists, and examples. Your attendees feel like they got more than their money's worth!

Courtney Kirschbaum Speaking at TEDx
Freedom Through Strategy Book by Courtney Kirschbaum


for 2023

Courtney at TEDx  in Edmonton

Profile Payday for a LinkedIn Profile that works for you
Morgan State University

Delivered at the "You Matter!" event at Morgan State University on February 3, 2023. 


"Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and expertise at the Morgan State "You Matter" event. As I stated that day, you truly have a gift! The information you provided was so helpful!"

Kendra E.

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Looking for a high-energy talk on another career topic? Contact us, and let's talk.

Book Courtney to speak at your event

Courtney with Audience Members
Courtney with Audience Members at Talks
Courtney speaking  at TEDx

I'm at a major crossroads in my career and not 100% sure what I want to do. You have given me the courage to go after what I want. ​ 

Daisy Buck


Clients of Courtney's keynotes and workshops

Courtney Kirschbaum gives Keynote at Thompson Rivers University
Marriott Corporation
Sage Software
Lowes Corporate Headquarters
eWomen Conference
NABA Annual Conference, Washington DC
NABA Annual Conference, Las Vegas
NABA Southern Conference
George Mason University 
Sleeter Accounting Conference
SBDC Women's Conference
TEDx Edmonton
LeanIN Conference Thompson Rivers University
University of Denver
University of Alberta Women's Conference
The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International 
Baltimore Innovation Conference
Vermont Society of CPAs
University of Maryland Women College Leaders Conference
BLI Student Leadership Academy
Alabama Society of CPA's Women's Conference
Dollar Tree Stores Headquarters
North Dakota Society of CPAs Annual Conference


"You have got to hear Courtney! She will help you recognize your value and give you the motivation you need to stretch for loftier goals, share and achieve them."

- Jan Neal, Tennessee Society of CPA Women's Conference

Jan Neal
Tisha Deloney at Marriott

- Tisha Deloney, “Move Up or On” workshop attendee, Marriott Corporation

"Not only were your words uplifting and encouraging, but extremely helpful and have given me the courage to find/pursue my passion. You truly have a gift."

“Working with Courtney was a JOY! She brought a ton of energy to our conference embraced our social media initiatives. My participants described her as dynamic, insightful, passionate and engaging.”

- Sherre Sattler, Executive Director, North Dakota Society of CPAs

Sherre Sattler at NDSCPAs
Where Courtney Kirschbaum has been a speaker or been published

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