Thank You

I appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. Your response is valuable and will be reviewed with an open mind and thoughtful consideration.

We've already had many say that finances were the reason they couldn't join. And that makes total sense. I remember being reluctant to invest money in my career.  Wasn't that what college was for? Wasn't my company supposed to cover my career training? 


If I had to pay for my own, what did that say about me? I learned it was the first step in taking control of my career. Once I realized my company would only pay for me to realize their goals, I chose for me.

That was part of my transition from prioritizing other's goals to prioritizing my own. Something incredible happened to me then. I discovered the more I invested in myself, the more I was respected by the very people I'd always struggled to get recognition and respect from. The first time I did, it scared me, but it's when my career opened up. Nothing has been the same since. 

In response to feedback, we've created a payment plan, to make it easier for you to join us today. You get the entire Job Hunt School Program for six monthly payments of $99.97.  Many people choose this option. Click below to join us with the payment plan and you'll get the complete program immediately. You can jump right in to the next series of scholar sessions or wait. It's all there for you. 


Email us at Info@Courtney if you have any questions or have a suggestion or comment you'd like to share.  Really, we'd love to hear from you.