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How membership

Enjoy a well maintained career

Choose the package that works for you.

Over 2o hours of video training, and hundreds of resources.

You earn 1 Membership Credit each month.

Use credits to purchase additional services

Annual updates of your resumé and LinkedIn

Instant access to our world class online programs

Receive a 50% member discount on all offers

Resumé or LinkedIn : 6 credits

45 minutes of coaching: 2 credits

Cancel easily online, anytime.

Member Credits 101

  • For the first year, each month on the anniversary of your purchase day, you'll be charged $99 for your exclusive membership benefits. These benefits include unlimited access to our resources and unlimited email support.

  • After 12 consecutive months, your subscription cost drops to $49.00. Your benefits do not change. You keep earning credits. 

  • Member Credits can be redeemed for a complete LinkedIn profile revision and or a resumé revision. Annual updates updates to these documents are included with your annual membership.

  • Any unused promotional Member Credits expire upon cancellation (Don't worry, we'll remind you!)

  • You can now use your monthly member credits to book live coaching or purchase new programs.

  • New members who purchase resumé or LinkedIn services at a 50% discount must maintain their subscription for six months  

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